Bringing the Buzz Back to Maroochydore

There is a lot of great stuff happening all over the Sunshine Coast at the moment. At last count we had 16 cranes in the air, which for me as a developer, is a sign that confidence in the region remains high.

I have a development in Maroochydore about to finish and two others to be unveiled in the coming months, so I watch this area with interest.

In recent years we watched as Ocean Street transformed itself from being a near ghost town to an exciting hub of funky restaurants, bars and cafes, each with a different and enticing offering. Nights on Ocean further cemented this space into the hearts of locals and tourists alike as they could enjoy Friday night markets in a street that was closed off once a month and take in the ambience of this revitalised area.

Wanting to keep the momentum going, the savvy entrepreneurs and business groups who have a vested interest in this region have now got together and formed the Ocean Street Precinct.

This dynamic new organisation has been backed by some of Australia’s premier hospitality, media and development businesses who are planning to turn Ocean Street and its surrounds into a globally-recognised tourism hub.

The precinct encompasses Ocean Street, Duporth Avenue and Beach Road and this proactive group has secured sponsorship to develop themed markets, standalone events and a major social media and website presence with a lot more to come.

And it comes at a time where we need to compete with our city cousins and offer tourists and locals fresh new ideas and concepts in visually appealing eateries and wine bars. This is all good not just for Maroochydore – but for the region as a whole.

I say watch this space as I have no doubt we are going to be seeing some great things happening in this precinct very soon.

Image credit: Ocean Street Precinct