Building Development - Anticipating Needs

If Bernard Salt is right and our population is set to increase by another 200,000 by the year 2040 then we have a lot of work to do in terms of designing and constructing beautiful spaces for people to live in.

I am often asked about the direction I believe we should be heading in with in terms of design. While I believe all great designs start with inspiration - as a socially responsible developer I need to also ensure I am building a product that will benefit the greater region. I am currently working on a soon to be released development that is a mix of hotel suites with residential units above them. The lower levels will be an eclectic mix of chic bars, stylish restaurants and beautiful commercial and retail areas.

This particular vision has evolved over time and with good reason. I have watched as the coast has been slowly transforming itself over the past few years. We have so many transformational projects either underway, or about to get underway, and it is clear to me, based on the demand for my units, that there is also an appetite for both owner/occupiers and investors to buy into a complex that appeals to the 30-40 year entrepreneurial talent that is growing here on the Sunshine Coast. This demographic is seeking affordable accommodation and housing and don’t want to be out on acreage or on the verge of town. They want to be right where the action is and be a part of a vibrant community that is always humming. They are after classy, chic offerings where connectivity is always available. Places to have coffee and do business, places where they can have wine and socialise and places where dining can offer choices from tapas to more substantial meals.

If we are to continue attracting world class talent, as developers we need to ensure we are providing this demographic with places to eat and live that they connect with. And that means we must constantly evolve and look at our offering and revise it in order to meet those needs. Failure to do so means this talent will simply choose to live and work elsewhere.