Events are good for Investment!


Image credit: Visit Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast is soon to unveil its Major Events Strategy 2018-2027. As a long-term resident, developer and business person on the Sunshine Coast I am really looking forward to what the strategy has in store for us.

The previous strategy (2013-2017) had an economic impact to the region of approximately $342 million and they are pretty impressive numbers.

I know from the interest in my properties that all eyes are on the Sunshine Coast. We take enquiries from all over Australia and have a list of investors who are keen to snap up properties as soon as we release new projects. Whenever we hold major events such as the upcoming Qld Surf Living Saving Championships, which attracts over 2000 competitors and their families you can see why the chances of getting accommodation during this period are slim (unless you have booked well in advance. With occupancy rates some of the lowest in Qld demand is likely to remain strong for some time.

Adding to the demand is the frequency we see major events held here on the coast. They bring in tourists by the droves who love our climate and beautiful beaches and these events are not just held during school holidays where demand is already at its peak – by strategically spreading out the events, where they are held and the timing of them the Sunshine Coast Council has given greater surety to tourist operators in terms of regularity of bookings.

Events also mean more people fall in love with the region and buy a property here they subsequently lease out. That’s good for events and its good for economy.

While the events strategy covers more than sporting events, I welcome them and the tourists with open arms. The road closures associated with these events are only a minor inconvenience when you consider what those events are contributing to our economy.

Our lack of accommodation and facilities to accommodate other types of events and conferences, and where we put the delegates of those events concerns needs to be addressed and I hope a soon to be released project will help ease some of the pressure as it will offer hotel accommodation.

I look forward to seeing the Major Events Strategy unveiled once ratified by council and have no doubt that it will take the events we host as a region to a whole new level.