Instagram – the key to a hotels success?

Developers, designers and architects all want their work to be appreciated, critiqued, reviewed and applauded. We do this by entering awards and sharing our projects on social media.

I have heard many people question the power of social media for creating brand awareness and influencing consumer choice, but I am a firm believer that if you are not keeping up with the trends and influencers you could be missing out. So much so, that Instagram and ‘Instagrammability’ are the most important factors for Millennials when choosing a holiday destination.

This may come as a surprise if you are a Baby Boomer but whether we like it or not a business must adapt to the digital disruption that has been going on around us for some time or face the consequences.

In a design first, an Australian architectural firm have created an Instagram Design Guide that will help architects, designers and developers gain greater awareness of their new hotel, bar or restaurant.

The brainchild of Australian studio Vale Architects, the Instagram Design Guide says that the image-sharing platform now plays a key role in the success of hospitality projects.

“With 800 million monthly active users, it’s simply becoming essential for your business to have an Instagram account and an active presence. But what's more important, yet often overlooked, is making sure that your space is designed in a way that makes it remarkable, so remarkable that everyone has to take a picture and share it with the world on social media”, the report says.

I find this compelling reading as I am about to launch my next project which is Opal on First.

Opal on First will be a mix of urban inspired apartments, hotel rooms and dual key apartments, which are designed, contemporary living at its best.

Leisa and I also have a bar known as Backlane and Instagram is one of our main social media platforms for sharing upcoming events, the warm and inviting fit out and the delectably presented food. We will do the same with another restaurant, Cellar Door, when we launch that next month.

Instagram is set to overtake all other forms of social media this year. In fact, The term “influencer marketing” increased by 325% in Google searches over 2017 and the biggest platform for influencer marketing is now Instagram.

The report also notes that, “the best way to set yourself aside from your competitors on social media is therefore by providing your guests with a visual sense of amazement, creativity and fun the moment they step into your space”.

This can include clever signage, stunning pools and colourful murals, tiles and textures – people are sharing it all on Instagram.

We all know that well-presented food and drinks are also worthy of sharing so ensuring food is plated up to perfection is critical

So, with this guide in mind, I am now considering how I can ensure all my designs and fit-outs will encourage guests to share their surroundings when they are utilising any of the spaces incorporated into my buildings. #watchthisspace!