The rise of the Baby Boomer

Over the many years I have been building and developing I have learnt a lot about what people are looking for. Perhaps the demographic that has undergone the most change is the baby boomers who are now becoming empty nesters. They are the people whose children have all left home and now it’s time to find something that suits their newly found freedom.

First and foremost, they want to spend less time maintaining a home and garden – and that’s because they have a lot of living to do!

They want to live in a modern, beautiful, easily maintained property. One that will be large enough to accommodate friends and family from time to time, but small enough so they don’t move in permanently!

They want to be close to great restaurants, bars and cafes and within walking distance to shopping precincts and other cultural experiences.It’s all about quality of life and having great experiences.

Quality of life decisions are the driving force behind the desire to downsize (in terms of backyard) and relocate to a prime beach or river location where everything is at your fingertips.

High end apartment living has so much to offer and these days most new properties are pet friendly, so a small dog or cat is not a problem.

According to social researcher Neer Korn, who has spent more than two decades studying the attitudes of Australians, baby boomers are “a group that isn’t retiring from society – they are determined to live life to the max, and are not planning to leave their inheritance to the kids.”

In an article written by the Property Council of Australia, Korn says, “this group will change society by changing the social norms. They are tossing aside the expectations of what it means to be old.”

Baby boomers are also challenging retirement opting to do consulting work, start a new business, volunteer, mentor or work part time, and this has implications on where they choose to live.

They want to be amongst it – choosing areas where the café culture exists, and they can mix among like-minded tribes – that are made up of a range of ages and demographics.

And it’s something I can relate to.I guess you could say that I have no plans to age gracefully and I love nothing more than hanging out with Leisa and our friends on weekends or taking the motorbike out for a not so leisurely ride.And whatever you do – don’t use the R word – because I don’t think that will ever happen!