Strong Price Growth Predicted

I have always had faith in our Sunshine Coast property market. History has shown it has the capacity to hold strong when other markets around the country correct themselves. I describe our Sunshine Coast market as consistent and giving.

By this I mean that while we have not always seen the growth that has been experienced in other regions or cities, we have slowly but surely delivered returns for savvy investors who were prepared to buy stock and hold onto it.

And it seems the most recent round of housing reports agrees with me. According to the QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2019-2022 report we are expected to see a 7 per cent increase in housing prices and that will exceed Sydney and Melbourne.

The report is predicting strong price growth for our region over the next three years, buoyed on by the significant investment that is being made in the region.

What this means is that anyone buying in the current market should expect to make a solid capital gain (providing they buy at market value) in the coming years.

Perhaps that is what is buoying the significant interest I am experiencing in our new project, “Oceanus” in the Bokarina Beach precinct.

Bokarina Beach is a great beachside master planned location that has well thought out liveable spaces including food and shopping outlets and shared community facilities like child care centres, recreational areas and patrolled beaches.

With capital growth in this area predicted, “Oceanus” is selling fast. Not only is it a great location for investors and homeowners but with affordable starting prices it could be the best investment decision you make.