Our Difference

Walter Iezzi is incredibly adept in every aspect of design and construction giving him a unique position to lead his experienced and professional team of designers, construction managers, engineers, trade-specials and interior designers.

Walter is involved every step of the way of all his projects – from designing functional living spaces to overseeing major concrete pours. You could say he is an old-school builder, perhaps it’s the Italian in him, but it’s critical he knows everything is as it should be and of uncompromising standard.

Walter is passionate about acting and thinking creatively about how his work impacts the environment and the local community.

He embraces change, always looking for improvements to promote a strong direction for the future of the Sunshine Coast which can be enjoyed for generations to come.

“We are a Sunshine Coast based company with a passion for the region. My children were born here and now in their 20s are very proud to call the Sunshine Coast home. The Walter Iezzi Property Group is comprised of incredibly talented local industry specialists. We are living and breathing the ‘Sunshine Coast’ each and every day, we are not fly in and fly out – we have been here for the long haul and we are deeply committed to best practice outcomes for the wider region.”

- Walter Iezzi, Managing Director