Events are good for Investment!

The Sunshine Coast is soon to unveil its Major Events Strategy 2018-2027. As a long-term resident, developer and business person on the Sunshine Coast I am really looking forward to what the strategy has in store for us. Click to read more.

Qld, Sun, Sea & Smart Investing – we have it all!

It seems the secret is out and people are flocking here in droves and securing property like never before. We have always had affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast but now, given the investment in infrastructure, we are forging ahead and attracting new talent who are all looking for a place to call home. Click to read more.

New airport to bring more people but where will they stay?

We are achieving great things here on the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Airport is certainly leading the way as it gears up to deliver an expanded airport and new runway in 2020. Click to read more.

The changing face of retail spaces

When I first built Cilento, the commercial spaces downstairs were occupied by clothing and surf stores. Over time, we have seen a number of tenants come and go and without a doubt the ones who have endured are those who have offered an experience in terms of food and drink. This of course includes the fit out of the space which creates the mood for the whole dining experience. Click to read more.

Sunshine Coast Stadium – our new shining Diamond

With recent news that we have attracted our first international music act, all eyes are on the newly updated Sunshine Coast Stadium. To be able to attract a world class talent like Neil Diamond is no easy feat and I have no doubt there were many, many months of hard work done by a lot of people to make that happen. Click to read more.

Be brave when using statement pieces

Whether you are decorating your home, designing a building or deciding what to wear, a statement piece is often the key to pulling the whole look together. While not everyone may like your “out there” leopard print shoes – if you love them that is all that matters and the same goes when deciding on what statement piece to use in your own home. Click to read more.

Design Icons – why they endurE

Good design is not only functional – it also ensures the test of time. This is particularly so when it comes to furniture and lighting. Some of my favourite designs were created decades ago yet still have the function and appeal as if they were created today. Click to read more.

Building Development – anticipating needs

If Bernard Salt is right and our population is set to increase by another 200,000 by the year 2040 then we have a lot of work to do in terms of designing and constructing beautiful spaces for people to live in. Click to read more.