Be Brave When Using Statement Pieces

Whether you are decorating your home, designing a building or deciding what to wear, a statement piece is often the key to pulling the whole look together.

While not everyone may like your “out there” leopard print shoes – if you love them that is all that matters and the same goes when deciding on what statement piece to use in your own home.

I think long and hard about all elements I choose to use in my buildings, inside the foyers and even in the gardens of a development – and this includes incorporating key designer statements.

I love to use statement screens that also have a purpose in terms of providing shade from the glare of the sun. If you look at my developments Saffire and Elysee you will see they are a statement I incorporate into the building design.

The clever use of wallpaper when planning an interior, is another way you can make a statement. I love the designs by Dame Zaha Hadid, who is heralded as one of the greatest architects of our era. According to Stylepark Daily, “The world-famous architect, who died in 2016, developed the Hommage collection together with the Hessen-based company shortly before her untimely death. Hommage, consists of five wall-filling digitally printed themes, available in different colour versions. Each design is limited to 300 copies per color variant.” I have used one of her wallpaper designs from the Hommage range in Backlane Tapas and Wine Bar. It combines a stunning mix of greens, charcoal and gold and is a key statement piece that helps pull the bar together.


Another way I like to incorporate statement pieces is by using oversize floor lamps. Effimera is a personal favourite of mine. At two metres tall, this light can be cleverly bent at the arm to lower or raise the light source, depending on the space it is used in and the mood you are trying to create. The Effimera floor lamp is an elegant, modern statement piece that works in any space and application.


Image credit: David Village Lighting

In terms of furniture design Vladimir Kagan’s Serpentine Lounge is curvaceous, sensual and inviting. It’s a perfect statement piece for the foyer of a hotel and can be used just as successfully in a residential application as it can be ordered to size.


Image credit: Pinterest Vladimir Kagan

So, be brave when selecting statement pieces as they can take a beautiful space and make it truly amazing – and if you are not sure where to start call in a designer to help you with your selection.